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During the medieval age long nails symbolized a woman’s wealth. So much so that in the Egyptian times women used ivory, bone or even gold to create long artificial nails. Today, every woman desires strong, clean, well-groomed nails as a mark of femininity.
While some of us are blessed with tough nails, most of us suffer from relatively fragile ones. A variety of nail art and remodeling techniques are available with us for you to maintain and show off long and healthy nails with a sturdy finish.
The most popular and commonly used artificial nail enhancements are the Acrylic Nails. This enhances your nail appearance and hygiene. An advantage of such enhancements would be the ability to easily discard any nail art or polish applied.

Benefits of Acrylic Nail Enhancement
• Ideal for weak and brittle nails.
• Helps ward off the bad habit of nail biting as they are relatively hard to bite off.
• Acrylic nail enhancements have been in the market for a longer period of time compared to others thus ensuring availability of expert nail technicians.
• Pay less for more! Acrylic Nails are cheaper.
• If broken at some point, the acrylic nails can be fixed within the comfort of your home with the use of the right tools.
• Acrylic nails last longer than Gel nails.

Acrylic nails

  • Full Set-Natural Over Lay
  • Full Set-Natural + Extension
  • Full Set-French + Extension
  • Full Set-French Over Lay
  • Full Set-Natural Refill
  • Full Set-French Refill
  • Buff & Gel
  • Acrylic Removal + Hot Oil