5 Tricks for Making Your Nails Look Great Without Polish

With the crazy low temps happening these days, the last thing we want to do is sit for an hour in a chilly nail salon. (It really takes away from the time we’d rather spend curled up by the fire, you know?) But winter weather is no friend to nails and cuticles, leaving nail beds and surrounding sk Read More

Manicurist Jin Soon Choi Teaches Us New Easy Nail Art Techniques

When nail legend Jin Soon Choi releases a new line of polishes, we pay close attention. So for fall, when we found out she would be releasing the polishes she created in collaboration with designer Tess Giberson for her fall runway show, we couldn’t wait to see some of that runway inspiration come Read More

Why Looking Like Yourself Is Definitely a THING This Fashion Week

Don’t diss the days where you don’t have enough time to wash, blow-dry, and curl your hair or apply anything more than a clear, dewy (yet hydrating) lip balm. The “natural beauty” trend (or, in other words, looking exactly like yourself) isn’t going away any time soon. Read More